Answers to frequently asked questions

What support do you provide to Start-up projects?

Apart from financial support, we give information and advice. Besides, company has a whole team: from marketing experts and analysts to specialists in the sphere of Start-up project promotion which provides effective comprehensive promotion of your idea.

Which plan of investment is the best?

Everything depends on the terms of investment and profitability you find suitable and well as on available capital. Currently the most balanced and popular offer is the program with the first investment from $2900 and profitability at the level of daily 4,8%.

Are interest rates fixed?

Interest rates are fixed within the period of promotion of a certain product or idea. After replacement of a Start-up project, the offer for profit accounting may change depending on the terms of project idea implementation.

How often do promoted projects change?

Projects change depending on the realized amount under the project. For example, if the project is purchased completely, it will be replaced with another one.

If you replace the project with a new one, what happens to my deposit?

Deposit works regardless of the terms for full collection of money under the project or purchase of the rights for the project.

Can I buy shares of the project without investing therein?

Any partner can be a shareholder of a certain idea or a project? To become a shareholder of a finished product or idea subject to promotion, you need to buy all rights for this project. Complete buyout of rights can be made both by one partner or several partners depending on regulations of project idea promotion.

Does it make sense to buy out rights of a Start-up project?

It certainly does, because the full package of rights for a Start-up project gives high profit when the rights are resold by our sales department. High marginality of this business allows to get repeated profit within a short period of time by means of our sales instruments.

How much does it cost to buy out the rights for a Start-up project?

The cost may vary from some tens of thousand dollars to some millions of dollars. It depends on how much the mastermind behind the project is demanded. When you buy out rights for a Start-up project, you can transfer all the amount by a single payment or make a combined payment together with your partners.

How can I find out the cost of Start-up project I want to purchase?

You can contact the technical support team by any convenient means of communication: feedback form on our website, official e-mail –, telegram-support 24/7 - @onestartsolutions.

Do you consider every proposed Start-up project for cooperation?

Yes, but prior to investment every project is thoroughly checked. Besides, by means of constant monitoring of the most popular crowdfunding platforms we daily analyze hundreds of Start-up projects but decide to invest only in a few of them.

How can I attract new investors to the team?

We provide the full set of marketing materials upon your request. Thanks to the gathered experience, we can confidently affirm that personal meetings are the best way to attract new investors.

What are minimal and maximum amounts for investment and withdrawal of money?

You can invest from $150 to $45,000 at a time. The amount of minimal withdrawal is $3. The amount of maximum withdrawal - $100,000 per day.

How do you guarantee security of investments?

Onestart Venture Solutions is the officially registered company. Besides, we have licenses from leading financial regulators of Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong. OneStart Venture Solutions is the company of the international level that values its reputation and with all responsibility takes cooperation with every partner: from masterminds to investors. The best measurement of the quality of our work is hundreds of successfully implemented projects, most of the are still demanded and profiting.

Can I register relatives and friends from one and the same computer?

Yes, you can register an unlimited number of accounts from a single device without breaching the contract with OneStart Venture Solutions company. In case of any violations of the user’s contract, the company may ask for identification or terminate cooperation with a partner on mutually discussed terms.

What payment systems can I use for account replenishment and withdrawal of money?

The company works with such payment systems as: Bitcoin, Etherium, over 50 types of alternative cryptocurrencies, Payeer, Perfect Money, Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay etc. Withdrawal can be made to any payment system regardless of the method of replenishment. To use an alternative payment system for withdrawal of money, you have to get it converted through a query sent to the tech support of the company or via your personal area.

What spheres are sponsored Start-up projects from? mainly invests in development of projects from IT and hi-tech spheres.



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